The TuitionFit Collaborative

What could you do with free access
to actual college prices?

What is the Collaborative?

Students and families are getting free access to real college prices just by sharing their own offers. 

Why not make the same free exchange available

to college planning experts?

How does the Collaborative work?

  1. You and your organization use TuitionFit with your students and families to:
    1. Decode their financial aid award offers
    2. Make sure your students receive a fair offer
    3. Ensure that every student finds their financial fit
  2. TuitionFit gives you free access to search the entire dataset of actual prices and financial aid offers any time
  3. TuitionFit gives you a free dashboard to link your counselors and their students

Why should we join the Collaborative?

If you believe:

  • college access must be more equitable
  • the lack of price transparency hurts students, families, and the college admissions process
  • changing the world starts with a single step

Then you and your organization should join us today!

TuitionFit co-founder Mark Salisbury explains how TuitionFit helps students, parents, and college planning experts find the best value for their individual situations. Learn more about the TuitionFit team.

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How Do We Join the TuitionFit Collaborative?


Each of your counselors create TuitionFit accounts as College Search and Planning Professionals.  


Request a copy of the Memo of Understanding (MOU) to join the TuitionFit Collaborative by emailing


Sign and return the MOU.  One onboarding meeting for your team, and you are in!  It really is that simple.


Want to make real college price transparency happen today? Spread the word about TuitionFit!