Resources for Professionals


Resources for college search or planning guidance

If you spend any time at all helping students and families through the college search process, you probably run into situations every day where you could use more in-depth information.  Here are a few resources where you can find different ways to educate yourself and build your own confidence in what you know about all the critical details about planning for, searching for, and paying for college.

As you help your clients find the best choice possible for higher education, use TuitionFit’s customized display to  show you exactly what similar students have been offered so you can use that information as leverage to negotiate and make sure your client’s final college choice is also their best financial fit.

In addition to providing comprehensive guidance for students and families, Simplicollege can also be a wonderful go-to resource for anyone charged with helping students and families through the process.  If you ever get a random question that makes you think twice . . . Simplicollege pulls together a lot of information all in one place.

The American Institute of Certified College Financial Consultants provides educational resources about the financial aspects of educational planning and funding.  In addition to their curriculum that leads to a certification for financial planners, they also offer education programs for any involved in college admissions advising here.

Leave it to one of the smartest folks in the college planning world, Michelle Kretschmar at DIY College Rankings, to write up a blog post about all the different educational resources for folks who are looking for courses and certificates that improve their knowledge.  Check out her blog post here.  Tons of interesting info.

Do you have a resource we should add to our list? Contact us and let us know!