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TuitionFit gives you the real college pricing information you need to make confident, informed decisions.  Finally, you can be sure that you are choosing the best value at the best price.

Say goodbye to picking a college without

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We Pull Back the Curtain on College Pricing

“Don’t colleges list their prices online?”  Not really.

They list their price.  Not your price.

Colleges advertise high prices to create a perception of higher quality. Guess what they don’t tell you? Only 1 in 10 freshmen pays that advertised priceUnderneath that inflated sticker price sits millions of dollars in merit scholarships and grants that colleges offer to almost every student that they accept.

When it comes time to seal the deal, colleges offer all kinds of scholarship discounts and custom pricing. Did you know that on average, actual college prices land at about 53% off the advertised price? With tactics like this in play, you could easily waste your time applying to schools you can’t afford, or you might miss out on great schools you weren’t aware of.

Share Your Data. Take Control.

In 2018, we reached out to parents across the country and said: “If you could see all of the prices that colleges are offering students like yours, would you be willing to share your own students’ award letters?”

The response was an overwhelming YES!

So we created TuitionFit: a secure way for all of us see and compare real college prices by teaming up, sharing data, and taking back financial control of the college search.

Mark Salisbury, TuitionFit co-founder, explains how TuitionFit helps students, parents, and student advocates find the best value for their individual situations. Learn more about the TuitionFit team.

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How Does TuitionFit Help You?

With real pricing knowledge comes
clarity, confidence, and power.


Prior to Senior Year

Get free access to find colleges in your price range.  You can also upgrade to see the details of each financial aid offer.


Winter of Senior Year

Get free access to compare offers and prices as they are shared in real-time by uploading your own financial aid offers.


Spring of Senior Year

Use your newfound, in-depth knowledge of real college prices to get a better offer and find your best college value.

What They're Saying...

"TuitionFit made the difference in helping us negotiate to get an even better scholarship offer."
Glen H., Davenport, Iowa
“TuitionFit is an absolute game changer in the college money arena and every family needs to know about it.”
Michelle Kretzschmar, DIYCollegeRankings.com
“TuitionFit should be an essential part of every student's college search!”
Sam Feeney, public high school counselor
"With TuitionFit, families now have the knowledge and leverage to negotiate effectively."
John Baylor, President, OnToCollege.com

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